Photo by Levi Vepsä


Born 1984

Lives and works in Turku, Finland

ckauerr (A) gmail.com

Camille Auer is an anarchist trans dyke bitch artist, writer and performer. She works with sound, words, digital image and direct action. Her subject matter is the friction and diffraction that takes place in and between micro and macro realities, subject and object formation, matter and meaning, and marginalised individuals in an oppressive society. Camille Auer has published several articles in various media in finnish, english and swedish. She plays the guitar in the transcore queer edge band Raivoraittius and makes solo noise performances. She gives lectures on gender and experimental art and loves dogs and licorice ice cream. Currently supported by The Arts Promotion Centre Finland.



Aalto University, Finland

Master of Arts

Master’s programme in Visual Culture and Contemporary Art


Turku University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor of Culture and Arts

Degree Programme in Media Arts

Film Art

/// ART ///


trash island /// part of the exhibitions and online publication PPLATS curated by Nayab Ikram

Kietoutuminen / Entanglement /// exhibitions at Galleria Rajatila and B-galleria

the smallest movement / pienin liike /// part of the Mustarinda exhibition “if I change something, what is being moved?” curated by nynnyt

Antiphallic Dick II /// exhibition at Saltbodan, Loviisa

Songs for late stage capitalism /// noise performances at Maunula Electronic, Maanalainen, Titanik gallery, B-galleria, Kirjakahvila and Kupoli


Antiphallic Dick /// The Paulo Foundation exhibition curated by Elis Hannikainen

The truth about Finland /// group exhibition and publication curated by Porin kulttuurisäätö

a series of photographs at the internet gallery of The Finnish Museum of Photography

noise performances at Barker-teatteri, Vapaan taiteen tila and JOZIK FEST IV


Cimalle Handpoked /// ongoing, contemporary tattoo work

Girldick II /// ongoing, zine project on the corporealities of transfeminine existence

Monument for the Excluded /// public action, installation and essay

remain impossible /// experimental essay on destructuring hierarchies


Girldick I


remain impossible. broken landscapes /// exhibition at B-galleria, turku


artists’ association Arte

co-operative Fabriikki 8